“Do you really believe that they would have left you in that room until you went insane?”
“It isn’t a matter of belief, Dr. Hart. When it comes to God, I believe. When it comes to chances, I know.”
“So your superpower is detecting probability.”

Two actresses on a stage, sitting in chairs facing each other.

Hero’s Chance” – ten-minute play
Performed in the University of Iowa 2017 Ten Minute Play Festival Reading Series
Director: Taylor Edelle Stuart
Cast: Madeline Ascherl, Lily DeTaeye

“There’s sand to roll around in, and seagulls to chase, and it’s really fun to get all covered in salt water and then run up to someone and shake all the water off on them!”
“That’s fun?”
“Just when I’ve almost forgotten that your roommate’s a dog…”

The logo for the podcast "Students, Gods, and Other Codependents" - doodles of fantasy creatures on lined notebook paper.
Image Source: Students, Gods, and Other Codependents

Beach Trip” – podcast episode
Guest-written episode of the fantasy podcast Students, Gods, and Other Codependents.
Podcast and characters created by Ash Pierce and Isaac Hamlet
Episode Cast: Ash Pierce, Sophie Katz, Isaac Hamlet, Leah Parker, Cailin Smith
Podcast episode published to SoundCloud.

Elisavet comes forward, reaching out to him, her fingers inches from his as they lengthen and flatten into feathers, her
fingertips just brushing his wingtip.
Outside the small window, Ilkin, largest of the swans, flaps by, trumpeting a call to his brothers as he turns toward the horizon. Eser and Ugur are following him. Alim and Yanni flutter into Ilkin’s room. Elisavet follows…
…but she has to stop at the wide window, watching the five swans fly away, her mouth open in a silent scream. She is suddenly all alone in the room, surrounded by feathers.

The Honors at Iowa logo, with the tagline "Make your connection."
Image Source: University of Iowa

Swan Feathers – a screenplay adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Wild Swans”
University of Iowa Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Department of English
Thesis Abstract

white swan
Photo by Anthony on Pexels.com

Excerpt 1 – The opening seven pages, introducing Princess Elisavet and her family
Excerpt 2 – Elisavet “speaks” with her brother, Yanni
Excerpt 3 – Kismet curses the princes; Elisavet witnesses her brothers’ transformation
Excerpt 4 – Kismet tries to convince Elisavet not to try to break the curse
Excerpt 5 – Elisavet opens up to her romantic interest, Princess Viola
Excerpt 6 – At the screenplay’s climax, Elisavet, Viola, and the princes all save each other

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