Graphic Design

Blinders.HiddenBlinders from your Vision: “Hidden”
Interactive art exhibit.
Installations and Interactive Performance group project.
Guests wiped away “Seen” images to reveal “Hidden” images via a Kinect motion sensor.
Additional art (“Seen”) by Kenton Jones; Isadora programming by Marc Macaranas.
Seen” – “Hidden” – Guests interacting with exhibit Partially-unmasked image


platform-cardCalling cards
Business card-style informational flyers for Lightswitch Theatre Company event, Platform, March 2017.
Created with Adobe Photoshop.



“Maleficent’s Dragon”
Photo edited with Adobe Photoshop.
Original photo taken with iPhone 5c at Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade, Walt Disney World, July 2017.







Feminist Voices poster
Promotional poster for University of Iowa Feminist Union event, Feminist Voices Spring 2017 Arts Showcase, April 2017.
Created with Adobe Photoshop.