“Instead of a man, Johnson has been treated as a symbol: of American courage and patriotism, of the end of racism, of the path to proving the equality of black people to white people, and of war heroism.”

Paper Shell Review

“Young Black Joe” to The Harlem Hellfighters: America’s Imperfect Portrayals of WWI Hero Henry Johnson
Published in The Paper Shell Review Volume VII, May 2017.







“’Presidential Scholars and Old Gold Scholars are incoming freshmen,’ [Tyner] said. ‘What about people who get to the university and don’t have scholarships at all, but are excellent students?'” 


Dick Tyner’s Gift: Supporting Honors Education
Written for and published in the University of Iowa Honors Newsletter Winter 2016.







“We want the year ahead of us to be not superficially happy, but good – full of good deeds and achievements, and of opportunities to fix our past misdeeds.”


What’s Rosh Hashanah?
Written for and published on The Odyssey Online.





“And when little Piper failed to notice the wave bearing down at her until the last second, I gasped as the memories hit me with equal force. Once, when I was little, I was swamped by a wave in the exact same way.”


How Pixar’s “Piper” Took Me Back To Wrightsville Beach
Written for and published on The Odyssey Online.





“Sometimes I use my platform as a content creator for The Odyssey Online to talk about current events. But current events…are getting me down. This may be the case for you, too. So let me share something with you that cheers me up when I’m down: pictures of baby elephants.”


Twelve Pictures of Baby Elephants To Cheer You Up Today
Written for and published on The Odyssey Online.