“We the people are those who share a love for this nation, built by the dreamers, and secured by the brave and the free.”


We the People: A Celebration of America
Central Florida Community Arts
Community Choir & Symphony Orchestra
Director: Brandon Fender
Narration adapted from Randy Vader’s Homeland.
Performance video here.






“So your superpower is detecting probability.”


Hero’s Chance – ten-minute play
Performed in the University of Iowa 2017 Ten Minute Play Festival Reading Series
Director: Taylor Edelle Stuart
Cast: Madeline Ascherl, Lily DeTaeye



“I remember how hard it was, being alive.”

ten-minute_website-imageNot Alone – ten-minute play
Performed in the University of Iowa 2016 Ten Minute Play Festival Reading Series.
Director: Ash Pierce
Cast: Taylor Claman, Sara Katschka

“There’s sand to roll around in, and seagulls to chase, and it’s really fun to get all covered in salt water and then run up to someone and shake all the water off on them!”
“That’s fun?”
“Just when I’ve almost forgotten that your roommate’s a dog…”

studentsandgods-logoEpisode 11: Beach Trip – podcast episode
Guest-written episode of the fantasy podcast Students, Gods, and Other Codependents.
Podcast and characters created by Ash Pierce and Isaac Hamlet
Episode Cast: Ash Pierce, Sophie Katz, Isaac Hamlet, Leah Parker, Cailin Smith
Podcast episode published to SoundCloud.

“Because a selfless act isn’t so selfless anymore
if you know you’ll get something for doing it now is it?!”


Last Call – ten-minute play
Winner of earthwords: the undergraduate literary review Spring 2017 “Caught in the Act” contest






“Don’t tell me you’re looking for mermaids again.”
“She’s not a mermaid. Grandpa says she’s a selkie. They’re seal ladies.”


Sisters and Sealskins – one-act drama
Published in Ink Lit Mag No. 9