No Time, a short film.
Elements of Animation final project.
Voice Credits: Isaac Hamlet, Sophie Katz
Created with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.
Abstract Character DesignFinal CharacterStoryboardAnimaticBackgrounds


Project for Awesome 2016: Sophie Talks about Girls Rock! Iowa City
An episode of my YouTube vlog, Sophie Talks.
Filmed with Canon PowerShot.
Edited with Adobe After Effects and Windows Movie Maker.
Featured on the Project for Awesome webpage on December 11, 2016.


You Will Be
Doctor Who fan-film adapted from my speculative fiction short story, “You Will Be“.
Filmed by and starring Tumblr users answers-from-stormcage and doctor-shenanigans.
I am credited as “ohthewhomanity” and “katzsoa”, my current and previous Tumblr usernames.


Sophie Talks about What Makes Us Human
An episode of my YouTube vlog, Sophie Talks.
One of twenty-three semifinalists in the Big History Project’s “What Does It Mean To Be Human” video contest.
Filmed with iPhone 5c.
Edited with Windows Movie Maker.