“So, provided that Bea—who was thirteen years old but still okay with being my babysitter because of the power it gave her—was willing to spend the day outside, I was free to spend hours on the beach looking for mermaids.”

The cover image for the Boundless publication.
Image Source: The Translate Iowa Project

The Sunbathers – short story, fantasy
Published in Boundless, a print publication of The Translate Iowa Project.

“But sometimes I imagine that there’s more to me than what the reader sees, that I don’t just fade away when the protagonist isn’t around. Sometimes, when everything’s quiet and colorless, I make up my story.”

The cover of Ink Lit Mag Number 5.
Image Source: Ink Lit Mag

My Story“- short story, speculative fiction
Published in Ink Lit Mag No. 5.

“I have seen the future and what it holds for the women of the world.”

The logo for Tell Magazine
Image Source: Tell “Magazine

An open letter from Miriam the Prophet to G-d, after He struck her with leprosy in Numbers 12:10
Published in Tell Magazine, an online feminist creative journal.
Featured and reviewed on Tell Magazine‘s Facebook page.

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