About Me

Professional headshot of Sophie A. Katz

I am a storyteller, and writing is my craft.

The world is held together by stories. A story can teach us something new, foster connections between us, and bring us joy when we need it the most. I am driven to write stories which are true to my life and experiences, and I am just as strongly driven to help bring the stories of other people’s experiences to life.

I am dedicated to creating the best experience for my audiences, helping my collaborators achieve their potential, and doing right by the story itself. To do this, I employ an open mind, an empathetic heart, and a lifelong love of both hearing and telling stories.

I grew up in Central Illinois, and I honed my passion for writing into a career at the University of Iowa, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Creative Writing and Psychology, with a minor in Theatre Arts. After graduation, I had the incredible opportunity to bring the stories of my favorite Disney and Pixar characters to life as the Disney Parks Live Entertainment Show Writer Intern.

Now, I spend my days operating an attraction at Walt Disney World while pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Professional Creative Writing through the University of Denver. My favorite part of my job is introducing new employees to the stories of our park, as a facilitator of the DAKlimation and Passage to Pandora courses and as a one-on-one on-the-job trainer. It gives me great joy to share my love for these stories with my coworkers and to help them discover ways to share these stories with our park guests!

Sophie Katz at work in Disney's Animal Kingdom, with a banshee puppet on her shoulder

This is my journey so far – and I am eager to see what comes next!

Feel free to explore my work through the above menu. If you have any questions, please reach out via the contact information or social media accounts listed below.