“Like I said, I was extremely lucky.”

The cover of Ink Lit Mag Number 11
Image Source: Ink Lit Mag

In His Words
Based on an interview with my great-great uncle, Sol Steingart.
Published in Ink Lit Mag No. 11.

“My professor, the scholar, is reading aloud,
reciting that stanza she wrote long ago
in his silvery sotto voce.”

The logo of the Phi Beta Kappa Society
Image Source: Phi Beta Kappa”

Awarded the Alpha of Iowa Phi Beta Kappa chapter’s 2016 “Love of Learning Poetry Prize“.

“And if want of you can vanish so completely,
What else of you can vanish so completely?”

The logo for Tell Magazine.
Image Source: Tell Magazine

Published in Tell Magazine, an online feminist creative journal.
Reading performed on the podcast A OK, in Episode 28: Let’s Smash Normal.

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